Photography Presentations

Photo courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

I love speaking about photography! Custom tailored presentations for each event, typically 1-2 hours. Great for camera clubs to learn more about topics like photographing the night sky, planning landscape shoots, processing theory, and more. Contact me for availability and rates

Previous speaking engagements: Squam Lake Association, Lakes Region Camera Club, Greater Rochester Camera Club, Quincy Bog Natural Area, Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Pechakucha Night Portsmouth

Lightroom/Photoshop Instruction
Individual or Small Groups

Getting started learning to process your images in Lightroom and Photoshop can be intimidating- there's just so much to learn!

To get the most out of landscape images, you need to develop your RAW image files, turning a snapshot into your intended vision while out photographing. I love image processing, and enjoy the process of teaching other photographers how to navigate these programs in understandable, easy to follow terms. During a processing session, I go over the how and why of image processing,  covering the various processing options at your pace and comfort level. 

These sessions are aimed at those who are just getting started with digital photography, and those who have a basic understanding of Lightroom but would like to grow their skills into Photoshop. If you're looking for advanced post-processing instruction, I can refer you to a handful of incredible photographers in my network.  

I prefer to sit down together in person (at a coffee shop or library, for example) along the New Hampshire/Southern Maine coast. 

For Individual and Small Group (3 person max) rates and availability, please contact me

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